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Wosnesenski River Trail (11.3 mi/18.0 km)

Rating: Moderate (long switchbacks) to easy (along river flats)
Hiking Time: 10 hours from Haystack Trailhead to China Poot Lake
Elevation Gain: 300 ft.

Trailhead Access: China Poot Lake Campsite (0.4 mile Poot Peak Trail); Marine access (tide dependent) at Haystack Trailhead.

Camping: China Poot Lake Campsite; undeveloped sites near junction with Poot Peak South Route and along Wosnesenski River flats; Haystack Trailhead beach area.
Water Availability: Moose Valley Creek, China Poot Lake, several small lakes, Wosnesenski River (glacial, silty), Stonehocker Creek.

Trail Description: The trail begins along the Poot Peak Trail, about 10 minutes from the bridge at China Poot Lake. From here, it winds pleasantly through forests, meadows and bogs, along the shores of three lakes. It then climbs a low ridge and drops into the Wosnesenski River Valley. Heading west from the expansive gravel bars of the river here, the trail climbs over a ridge and continues along the river, winding in and out of groves of large cottonwoods. A spectacular 600 foot waterfall is visible from several miles across the valley. After passing powerlines, the trail intersects with a small utility access road. Turn right (north) and follow the road to Haystack Trailhead.
If starting from the Haystack bulletin board, an orange triangle seen across the flats to the southeast marks the trail. The Wosnesenski River is a typical glacial river, braided with gravel flats on either side, a highly scenic area with sweeping vistas of mountains and glaciers to the south.

Note: Tidal flats at Haystack Trailhead flood at 16+ foot tides.

Wosnesenski River Trail fact sheet and map