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Kachemak Bay State Park.
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Tutka Lake Trail (2.9 mi/4.7 km)

Rating: Moderate
Hiking Time: 1.5 hours to trail end
Elevation Gain: 400 feet

Trailhead Access: Marine Access - Tutka Lake Trailhead and Campsites; Sea Star Cove Public Use Cabin.

Camping: Tutka Lake Trailhead and Campsite.
Water Availability: Seasonal at trailhead, Tutka Lake

Trail Description: From Tutka Lake Trailhead, the trail climbs briefly before intersecting the trail to the Sea Star Cove Cabin. It continues through spruce forest and along Tutka Lake, and intersects the trail to the Tutka Bay Lagoon fish hatchery (0.5 mile to hatchery). The main trail continues along the west shore of Tutka Lake, then turns and crosses a low saddle before climbing and following high above Tutka Creek. The trail dead ends near the Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park boundary, showcasing the Tutka Creek waterfalls.