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Sadie Knob Trail (6.3 mi/10.1 km)

Rating: Moderate to Difficult (long climbs)
Hiking Time: 3 hours to Sadie Knob
Elevation Gain: 2100 feet

Trailhead Access: Marine Access: North Eldred - north end of beach, north of Anisom Point; South Eldred - north of Sadie Cove Inlet, north of small islands. Please respect private properties south of these two trailheads.

Camping: North and South Eldred Campsites (developed) at trailheads, camping (undeveloped) in alpine areas, no open fires.
Water Availability: Seasonal creeks at both trailheads, good stream (Quiet Creek) near mile 1.7 (north trail) and mile 2.0 (south trail), small streams near low areas, no water on summit.

Trail Description: Sadie Knob Trail accesses an alpine ridge (visible from Homer) between Sadie Cove and Kachemak Bay. It does not access Sadie Cove and Kachemak Bay. It does not access Sadie Peak to the south. The North (1.7 miles) and the South (2.0 miles) Routes connect the north and south ends of Eldred Passage - both join the Ridge Route at Quiet Creek. The Ridge Route climbs through spruce forest, flowery meadows and along a subalpine lake. Emerging above timberline, and marked only with rock cairns or orange trail markers, the trail follows the ridgeline to Sadie Knob (2100 feet). From Sadie Knob, hikers gain superb and expansive 360 degree views of Kachemak Bay, Sadie Peak, Sadie Cove, Eldred Passage and Cook Inlet volcanoes. Watch for mountain goats, black bears and eagles.

Caution: Vertical cliffs and rugged country! Clouds often shroud the Sadie Knob, Emerald Lake and Grace Ridge areas, limiting visibility to under 50 feet. Trail "treads" do not exist in alpine areas, markers may not be visible, one to the next, and topography can be extremely confusing. Hikers may stray down wrong ridgelines, losing direction and trails. Often by waiting a short while, clouds will lift, offering glimpses of trail markers.

Saddle Knob Trail fact sheet and map