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Poot Peak Trail (4.6 mi/7.4 km)

Rating: Difficult (very steep, slick, rocky climbs)
Hiking Time: From China Poot Lake to summit: North Route: 3 - 4 hours; South Route 4 - 5 hours
Elevation Gain: 2430 ft.

Trailhead Access: China Poot Lake Trail to China Poot Lake.

Camping: China Poot Lake Campsite
Water Availability: Moose Valley Creek; small creek near trailhead; seasonal snowfields; no water on peak.

Trail Description: From China Poot Lake Campsite, this popular trail circles Poot Peak and climbs the 2600-foot summit.
The North Route(1.9 mile) climbs after the Wosnesenski River Trail junction. The steep, slick, unmaintained route climbs rapidly through the spruce forest, alders, and loose scree slopes.
The Summit Spur(1.1 miles from trailhead) leads to the peak, climbing very steeply for the next 0.2 miles to a rocky bench, or "Lower Summit" (2100 feet). This is a good stop for those unprepared to summit.
CAUTION: It is recommended that only climbers with rock climbing training continue beyond this point.
Climbing the 2600-foot peak is hazardous due to shifting scree and rock. Hand and foot holds are poor at best, and worse when wet. The rewards above treeline include superb views of Wosnesenski Glacier and Kachemak Bay.
The lightly used South Route (2.8-miles) begins after the Summit Spur junction, passing alder thickets, meadows, and ponds. Poot Peak South offers stunning views of alpine lakes, expansive glaciers and the Kenai Mountains.

Poot Peak Trail fact sheet and map