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Grewingk Glacier Trail (6.5 mi/10.4 km)

Rating: Varies: Easy (on flats) to Moderate (steep climbs)
Hiking Time: 2-3 hours
Elevation Gain: 500 ft.

Trailhead Access: Marine Access: Glacier Spit Trailhead; Humpy Creek Trail; Emerald Lake Trail.

Camping: Glacier Spit Trailhead/Campsite, Grewingk Creek and Grewingk Glacier Lake Areas.
Water Availability: Grewingk Creek (glacial); Grewingk Glacier Lake (glacial); small lake and stream near Grewingk Glacier.

Trail Description: The only developed access to a glacier, this trail begins at Glacier Spit Trailhead and Campsite, meandering through a mature forest of large spruce and cottonwoods. At mile 0.4, it intersects with a short spur trail to Rusty's Campsite. Continuing east and opening to younger forest, the trail intersects with Glacier Lake Trail (mile 1.4). Turn left at this junction. Soon the forest fades into a dry, gravel, glacial outwash plain of low alders and shrubs where occasional cairns or orange markers define the trail. At mile 2.4, the trail crosses the 250-foot Grewingk Creek in a narrow channel of bedrock.
Grewingk Creek Tram: This is a hand-operated cable car pulley system. Operation may require two people. Maximum weight of 2 persons with packs or 500 pounds (227 kg). If only two people crossing on the tram, one person should stay behind and assist in pulling the other across. Once across both persons can pull the tram cart back to pick up the other person. Two people in the tram cart without assistance from others on the platform is difficult.
At Grewingk Creek, the trail intersects with Humpy Creek Trail. While camping is good here, remember that black bears frequent the area. From Grewingk Creek, the trail climbs over Foehn Ridge, offering views of the Grewingk Glacier and outwash flats. Descending the ridge, the trail then crosses flatlands to Grewingk Glacier Lake. Look for glacial ice afloat in the lake. Here the trail intersects with Emerald Lake Trail, near mile 4.9, passes the lake, and follows a creek to a small glacial or "tarn" lake, ending at area recently covered with glacial ice and hence denuded of vegetation. Hikers can go a short way to the glacier's face, or explore newly exposed rocky ridges to the right (south) of this point.
Caution: Unless properly trained and outfitted for glacial travel, do not climb on ice or in ice caves. Hidden crevasses (cracks) are deadly perils. Enjoy this natural wonder from safe distances.