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Glacier Lake Trail (2.2 mi/3.5 km)

Rating: Easy, popular family hike
Hiking Time: 1 hour, 20 minutes from Glacier Spit
Elevation Gain: 50 ft.

Trailhead Access: Marine Access - Glacier Spit Trailhead (wind exposed beach, morning drop-off best); Saddle Trail (afternoon/evening pick-up best at Saddle Trailhead)

Camping: Small camping area at Glacier Spit trailhead; Right Beach (accessible at low tide from Glacier Spit); Rusty's Campsite; Grewingk Lake. Camping Advisory: Please consider camping on higher portions of Grewingk Lake flats. Landslides from area ridges falling into lake could generate large splash waves of 50 feet or more along shores.
Water Availability: Right Beach, Rusty's Campsite; small stream near the junction of the Saddle Trail.

Trail Description: Popular loop route joined by the Saddle and Grewingk Glacier Trails. This trail crosses flat terrain, through stands of spruce and cottonwood, and across the dry outwash plain of the Grewingk Glacier. It ends at the broad, open beaches of Grewingk Glacier Lake. This trail offers superb views of the glacier and surrounding mountains. This is an excellent day hike.
Note: Access to the glacier along the south end of Glacier Lake is difficult and hazardous. Please do not attempt this route. See Grewingk Glacier Trail for glacier access.

Glacier Lake Trail fact sheet and map